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How to Inspect a Car for Highway Miles

Buying an automobile with highway miles is one of the most important factors in knowing the true condition of the car. In this video Greg explains the many ways to inspect a car for highway mileage vs city mileage. A highway driven car is highly preferred to a city driven car. Watch the video below to know the…

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How to Inspect a Car for Garage Kept

It’s great (and valuable) to find a garage kept car when you are in the car buying process. Natures elements will otherwise take their toll. But how do you know? Greg goes over all the areas on a car that will help you determine if the car has been garage kept or not …

How to Inspect a Car for Exhaust Leaks

In this short video Greg shows you the fastest way to determining if a car has expensive exhaust leaks. This is just one of the many used car buying tips videos that show how to buy a high quality used car. This video together with the accompanying Inspection Checklist will help you in obtaining a…

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How to Inspect a Car for Frame Damage

Frame damage is perhaps the worst case scenerio in a used car purchase. But how do you know? Carfax isn’t always going to show this information. The only reliable way to know is by performing a visual inspection which is surprisingly easy, that is if you know where to look. This short video walks you through…

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How to Inspect a Car for Front End Damage

Of all accidents, front end damage can be the worst because it involves so many different vulnerable components such as steering, suspension, alignment and engine. A Carfax will only record the accident if the event was filed by the police. But since many accidents are resolved without police involvement the Carfax will not have that information….

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How to Inspect Dashboard Warning Lights

Lights on the dashboard will be able to give you important clues as to whether the cars air bags have been deployed. Also to help determine if the oxygen sensors, check engine light as well as other critical warning lights that you depend on are in good working order. This video explains the function of these warning…

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How to Read a VIN Sticker

Knowing how to read a VIN sticker will help you determine if a car has ever been in an accident. When you are buying a used car you will want to check all the important locattions where this VIN number is displayed (If it’s missing the car has been in an accident). The video below…

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How Headlights Can Tell You if a Car Has Been in an Accident

Car headlights can tell you a lot about the cars history. For example if it was garage kept or if it has highway mileage vs city mileage. However the most valuable of all is that it can tell you if the car was in a previous accident. In this short video Greg talks about the way…

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How to Search for Cars on Autotrader

One of many high quality videos in the video library. Below, Greg explains how to find a car on Autotrader by giving you examples of the types of ads to pursue and which ones to absolutely avoid, like brokers and backyard dealers acting like they are the owners …

Importance of Dealer Maintained

This video is number “3 of 7” used car buying tips. During the car buying process you should see this video to help you understand the importance of knowing how to check for dealer maintenance. Our video library is filled with “how to” inspection videos but this short introduction will give you a very good…

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