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Hire Greg as Your Car Buying Consultant

If you live outside the Ventura and Santa Barbara California areas then this consultation is your best bet for getting support in the car buying process. You will get the best car for the best price with a car buying specialist at your side. From locating a great car, running history checks, to inspecting the car and negotiating for you I can provide invaluable resources to help you throughout the process.

My consulting services can be useful to you if you need some professional assistance in the car buying process. My level of knowledge in this area is extremely high as I buy over 100 cars per year for my personal clients who hire me directly.

When you purchase consultation with me you will receive professional phone consultation, no matter where you live. Most people find that having a bit of professional guidance can go a long way. I will provide you with many industry secrets that will empower you and save you time and money. You have my unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely blown away at the level of my expertise then I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

I can provide expert help in a number of ways no matter what questions you might have.

    • Whether you are purchasing from a dealer or you want to buy from a private party, new or used, I have it covered.
    • Whether you need some help in getting focused on the best car, or you need guidance on the inspection steps, or have questions about closing the deal, I can help.
    • Perhaps you are confused where to start and you need someone to help you get clear on which car will best suit your needs. I will help guide you.
    • Maybe you have questions about safety concerns or need help determining good years from bad years (yes, every car manufacturer has bad years on each of their cars). Or maybe you don’t know which engine choices are the most reliable from different car manufacturers. I can help you make smart choices.
    • Other reasons might be that you are confused about the steps in buying a used car but you don’t like the idea of buying a brand new car. Or maybe you don’t know whether leasing or buying is a better choice for you. I can help you with that decision.
    • No matter what questions you have during the process of buying or selling your car, rest assured that I have the answers. I have personally assisted hundreds of people in buying and selling their personal cars.

If you want to hire me personally to buy your car for you, then my local personal car buying service is for you. With that I do everything from beginning to end. (see Hire Greg to Buy ) However, my personal car buying and selling service is only available if you live in Ventura and Santa Barbara California.

Because the buying process has several phases, my hourly consultation can be utilized in 30 minute increments. For instance half of the consultation before you buy and the other half while inspecting the car.

To buy consulting hours, please contact me.
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