Hire Greg to Help You Buy Your Next Car

Hire Greg to Buy Your Next New or Used Car

My personal car buying services are available to you as long as you live, or you are able to take delivery of the car, in Ventura, Santa Barbara or Northern Los Angeles Counties. If you live outside this area then you can use my Hire Greg for Consultation services.

When buying your next car you will have three choices:

  1. New from a dealer
  2. Pre-owned from a dealer, or
  3. Used from a private party

Whichever choice you make I can help.

As a professional car buyer I go to dealerships every day, and what I see going on is not a pretty sight. People with their heads in their hands, exasperated and in some cases close to tears. My heart goes out to them.

My clients, on the other hand, are experiencing something refreshingly different. For my clients the process is pleasant and efficient with none of the back and forth haggling and drama associated with dealers. My clients come out of the showroom beaming with excitement, unscathed by the car buying process and paying far less than the people going at it all alone.

No matter if you are buying or leasing a new car I can negotiate the entire transaction by phone. This means you can take advantage of my services on new cars from anywhere! If you live in Southern California I can often have the car delivered to your door and have the paperwork done at your kitchen table. No need to even visit the dealership! I have negotiating power that far exceeds any consumer based process. In the end I will save you money, time and headaches.

I will find your car at the best price, eliminating all of the dealer traps. The typical back and forth negotiation game that dealers normally play will be completely eliminated. As your agent I make sure that you remain in the power position throughout the process. I am sitting at your side during the entire process, never taking my eyes off of every detail that is involved. Most of what the dealers will be presenting will be new to you. However, I am very familiar with every detail and well versed in everything that happens during the process.

I will advise you on the best financing rates and prices for items such as extended warranties and GAP insurance (provided they make sense for your investment). Dealers understand that I sit through deals every day and they know that they cannot play the same games with me in the room as your agent. End result is that you save money on many different levels throughout the entire transaction.

There is NEVER any pressure to buy, All that is left is to sign paperwork which I will have for the most part completely prepared.

The car will be ready for you to drive away. A completely hassle-free process.

I will save you time, money and make the process efficient and enjoyable.

I don’t cost money. I save you money.


As a general rule of thumb I don’t recommend used car purchases under $12.000.

There will be an initial phone consultation where we will talk about exactly what type of cars are the best and what type of options you are looking for. I will also provide guidance on financing options if needed. You then provide me a wish list of everything you are looking for in a car. For example, you may be looking for certain options in a car; 2 or 4 door, automatic or stick and certain options and color combination.

Next, I take your wish list and put it together with my time tested list of criteria which includes the following: accident free, original owner, dealer maintained, garage kept, proper records, highway miles and other hard to find variables which, in the end, make for a very nicely kept vehicle that will give you years of safe and reliable service. Most, if not all these criteria will be met.

There is a lot of work involved in finding the car that best matches your wish list and my criteria.

I will have sifted through hundreds of ads and called on only the cars that pass my test for high quality. The one or two cars that I finally look at will be the best of the best.

I also will have checked the complete history of the car and provided a thorough on-site inspection.

Finally, I negotiate on your behalf, getting you the best car at the best price. I sit through the deal beside you making sure that the process is clear and straightforward. The dealers know that I know exactly what is going on behind the scenes, which means they cannot use the same smoke and mirrors that they use with a retail customer. As your buying agent I have tremendous influence with your experience at the dealership.


$950 flat rate. First I will speak to you about your choices and give you an overview on how we can work together. If, after this consultation, you are ready to use my services, I ask for a nominal $200 retainer for me to find your car.

When the deal is finalized and you are completely happy with the process, I collect an additional $750 for beginning to end service.

EXTRA SERVICE: Discovery Day

If you are unclear about the type of car you are looking for I have a special service called “The Discovery Day”. This is a 1/2 day where you will get to drive multiple cars from multiple dealerships without involving a single salesperson. That’s right, no pesky pressure looming over you at the dealership. It’s a refreshing way to test drive and “discover” the types of cars that feel good to you.

How is it possible to have no sales people involved you might ask? I have bought dozens of cars from each of these dealerships and management instructs the sales personnel to respect my time with my clients showing the cars and not to intervene. The end result gives you time and energy to focus on the very important aspects of the car and not be sidetracked by high pressure sales people. It is a delightful and rewarding day of discovery.
I charge an additional $200 for this valuable service.


My cell number is 805-407-5133
Let’s talk cars!

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