Hire Greg to Sell Your Car

Hire Greg to Sell Your Car

Selling Your Car

First off: Do not trade your car in at the dealership. They will not give you near what the car is worth retail. Sure they make it easy, but so do I and I get  a lot of that money back into your pocket!

Selling a car is a multi-layered process. The following is what I do in a typical sale where I represent you and your car in order to get top dollar:

1. Market analysis
2. Detail engine
3. Deliver car for smog (seller is required to provide smog per California law)
4. Photograph car with wide angle lens in appropriate setting
5. List full screen ad with my phone number
6. Run a Vehicle History Report for the prospective buyer
7. Show car to prospective buyers
8. Secure guaranteed funds to you
9. Transfer title and file all DMV related paperwork

I will oversee an interior and exterior detail (this is usually $150-$175). The return on that investment is high.
I will get the smog done which is required by law ($50).
I will stage high quality photo shoots with an appropriate background (big rocks for 4×4′s, or a beautiful driveway for commuter cars).
I oversee the paperwork process and make sure the funds are transferred securely in your
account. I have many local references who have utilized my unique services.

See my youtube video here which shows just how important an engine detail is:

In this video I show a car engine before and after the detailing process. By providing an engine detail I will help you get top dollar when selling your car. I provide this engine detail as an integral part of my car selling service.

My Fees:
$850 minimum or 5% of the sale price

I charge a minimum of $850 plus any extra costs (detail, smog or repairs). Cars that sell for more than $17,000 I charge a flat rate of 5% of the final sale price. Detail, smog fee and any repairs are requested upfront.

If You Have a Loan:
If you ever sold a car with a loan you know how much work and what a tangled web of paperwork that can be. A dealership will give you way below market value for your car and is not a recommendation. I can handle this complicated process. In the case of a loan I charge an additional $200 fee for filing all the necessary paperwork. I sort that all out for you while getting you much more than the dealership is offering.

In the end I will command top dollar for your car and sell it with no hassles for you. I will have more than made up my fee with a higher selling price.  And the best thing is that I do all of the difficult work for you.

I do not cost money, I make you money!