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My Professional Experience

In 1985 I started a window cleaning business and one of my first clients was Beverly Hills Sports Cars. I was just a kid at the time but I loved cars so much that I knew more about the cars that were in the showroom than the sales people. Over time I eventually became part of the sales team. I loved people too much to be any good at sales, but I did learn a fair bit on what goes on behind the scenes, and trust me it is incredible what the consumer does not know. My penchant for having encyclopedic knowledge about cars and my ability to negotiate became clear to the management and I was promoted to the highest and most coveted position in the company as their National Car Buyer. In short I traveled nationwide buying exotic sports cars and having them shipped back to the Showroom in Beverly Hills, California. It was here that I cut my teeth on research, inspection and negotiating. I also learned how to keep the dealers out of your pockets.

Fast forward 25 years where I helped countless people with their car purchases, or help with selling their cars. Let me bring my decades of skills to work for you. We need many angels in this lifetime. Allow me to be Your Car Angel.

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