Greg Macke has a remarkable genius — for being genuinely, profoundly expert at what he does, while being able to so beautifully balance being a communicative, kind, and deeply honorable person. Looking for a pre-owned vehicle after mine had been totaled in a big, bad accident, my car hunt came with a host of specific challenges, all of which he kept consistently in mind, none of which he dismissed — from ergonomics to economics, from mechanics to aesthetics — throughout the entire process of seeking, finding, and buying an absolute gem of a vehicle on every level, and making a fabulous deal for me. I have to add that I learned so much; he is a terrifically gifted teacher, and the process was fun and fascinating! And there isn’t a thing he doesn’t know about cars, folks. I am thrilled and ever grateful, Greg!
Suzie Plakson – Star Trek – Hollywood California

Greg’s vast knowledge of cars and the car buying process is such a wonderful service for those who are lucky enough to find him. He provided great comfort and relief for me in the short time I had to buy a car after my car was totaled. Greg was infinitely patient, kind, considerate, ethical, and always a gentleman. As we looked at one car after another, he kindly reassured me I was in the ‘discovery phase”, which then put me at ease. Greg amazed me time after time with his expertise and knowledge of many different cars and each year of that car. When my car was found, Greg again amazed me with his professional skill in closing the deal while side stepping all the attempts to unnerve him. My favorite part was when the process was finished and Greg informed us he needed to get home because he had a date with his 10-year-old daughter; (she wanted him to turn cartwheels with her). Just another example of how very decent Greg is to the very core of his heart. He is indeed and Angel on Earth and I am grateful to have had the privilege of meeting and working with Greg.
Nancy Shinn- Santa Barbara, CA

Greg has managed to solve the the problems with buying cars. I have hired him on three different occasions to help me find high quality cars (and also to sell our old car). On each deal Greg brought in many levels of expertise. His car inspection skills are beyond anything I could imagine but he also knows the art in how to handle the car dealers. He got us a great price on each of our cars, but more importantly Greg made the process of buying (and selling) our cars effortless. He will always remain a valuable resource to me and my family.
Steve Bennett, County Supervisor – Ventura, California

I have used Greg services to purchase two vehicles now and both times he was able to find the car I wanted efficiently and with maximum ease on my end. Greg’s knowledge of cars is vast and he uses this, not only to scan the market but also to enlighten his clients. Greg’s Car Angel service not only got me two great cars but taught me a ton about the car buying process and has made me feel like I know what is a good deal and when to walk away.
Tanner Boyden – Ojai, California

I am 67 years old and have been a car-geek since the hot-rod days of the 60’s muscle cars. While trolling YouTube watching car videos from various people I happened to find one of your videos. As I watched several of your videos I found that I have been buying cars similar to how you do. Many of the techniques I have learned are similar to what you were teaching on YouTube. The difference is that you have honed your car buying into a science. I am impressed with your knowledge and respect your videos on YouTube. I will study your videos and become better at my car shopping because of you. Thank you sir for your willingness to share your knowledge with those that are willing to learn. I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Drue Burkhalter – Sacramento, CA

Greg, I cannot thank you enough for the wealth of information and advice that you have on your site. After going through all the free material, I realized that I had learned quite a bit about what to look for (and AVOID!!)  and happily paid for the additional membership material… I understand that you have a car buying service, but for people like me who live out of the area your tutorials were great… I REALLY feel that I got my money’s worth. Your site provides what I would consider a crash (avoidance) course in purchasing used cars. Your online advice and expertise was invaluable. I am very thankful that you have shared your wisdom with those of us who don’t buy cars everyday.
David Sprunt – Colorado

Greg is definitely THE man when it comes to buying cars .What’s most impressive about Greg is his huge body of knowledge about cars and the buying and selling process. This is his gift, his genius, and it shows. I highly recommend his online tutorials or his actual buying service!
Ingrid Morse, Ojai, CA

What a wonderful gift to have your support and guidance through the car buying process! I was very anxious about purchasing a car from a dealer for the first time, and I appreciate the confidence your help you gave me in making a smart decision! I LOVE my C-Max Hybrid and look forward to many happy years of driving it. You recommended the perfect car for me.
Many Thanks, Julie Fotsch – Springfield MO.

Greg – You have turned the car buying experiences into practically one of pleasure! We were both overcome with the level of professionalism, care and detail which you treated us – and our Toyota Tacoma. We can’t thank you enough for finding just the right vehicle, and for walking us through the whole process.    Ben DiGregorio – The Ojai Bread Maker and Kerry – Ojai, CA

Thanks, Greg, for smoothly shepherding our car purchase. Your service was superb and we are delighted with the result. You will hear from us the next time we contemplate changing cars. Many, many thanks!   Doug & Chris Elder

I’m here to report that Greg handled the selling of my BMW wagon with utter skill, professionalism, integrity and speed. He got me more than I had expected. Hassle free and completely trustworthy. I cannot recommend this gentlemen more highly for the way in which this experience was handled for me. Kudos Greg, you ROCK!!! A very grateful client,    Maggie Phelps – Ventura, CA

“Thank you so much for your incredible car angel service. We have been raving about our experience ever since! Kai is thrilled with his car, and we are very appreciative of the grace and ease, understanding and knowledge you bring to the entire car manifestation process. We are truly happy we did this process with you Greg, and that Kai had such a wonderful experience with you!”
Chakra (Mother of Kai) Los Angeles, California

As we were about to negotiate a price with the pushy dealer, my nerves said I needed advice. I called Greg and within ten minutes (and even more astounding, on the phone) Greg helped me determine that the car had been wrecked and we easily caught the dealer covering it up. We had no idea how much help he could be. Greg will no doubt be involved with every vehicle purchase in our future. We cannot thank him enough.
Jeff Thomes , Seattle

After 3 days of dealing with dealerships, searching on Craigslist, and having a difficult time finding a used car, I decided to call Greg. He asked us many questions until he knew exactly what we needed. I was very glad to have Greg to help with this process and have already recommended him to several friends and family!
Jason Rodriguez, Ventura County

Thank you for such a great service! We have already been singing your praise to our friends and family.
Fred, Andrea and Gehrig – Moorepark, CA

I was given Greg’s information while I was in the midst of trying to buy a used car. I had a hard time sorting out whether I could trust the sellers and if the cars were good. When I first contacted Greg he assured me that I would get the right car at a great price. That is exactly happened. I am so thankful for his help.
Gail Light – Upper Ojai

I am a man who is perfectly capable of going out and finding my own cars (I have removed and replaced engines myself) and I was very interested to know what Greg knew that I didn’t. At the end of the day, he proved to me beyond the shadow of doubt that his unique car buying techniques are simply amazing at finding the best used cars. He is like a magician, a detective, and a mechanic rolled into one. I am not much for the angel thing but I would have to agree that, if they exist, he is certainly one of them. He is that good.
Troy Diestal, Detroit, MI

Greg was extremely knowledgeable and made my search for a vehicle completely stress-free. He helped me find the perfect car within my budget, and helped with every step of the process. I highly recommend him!! Thanks so much Car Angel!!
Valerie Viera – Simi Valley, CA

I wouldn’t buy a car without Greg in tow. It completely changed the car buying experience for me – totally empowering.
Wayne Thompson- Santa Barbara

Greg, thank you again for your generous assistance in helping Paul and me to find our perfect cars. We both are delighted! The experience of car-buying that you provided was so far different than anything either of us was familiar with–beginning with the clarity you provided us in our search. We learned a lot and will continue to recommend you to all of our friends.
Gail Elizabeth, Ventura

Greg is a true professional. He works efficiently, troubleshoots when necessary, and enjoys his work. Within one week I had the truck I wanted at a price I could manage. The day we worked together was enjoyable and productive. He answered all my questions, explained each step in the procedure, and treated the people we met with respect. I appreciated how efficiently he could get to the heart of the deal, analyze the options, and employ his “Be patient but strike quickly” philosophy. Greg works like a master teacher. He possesses patience, poise, leadership, curiosity and humility. It felt like a chess match! If you want a car go to Greg.
William Bradford Weidlich

Greg knows his stuff! He makes the process of buying a car which can be stressful downright pleasant. His services are highly sought after in the Ojai Valley. Recommended!
Aaron Snyder -Thacher School, Ojai

Before I saw Greg’s website, I was dreading buying another car. But Greg helped me sell my car in just two days, and then lead me to the perfect car at a great price — with no haggling.
Greg not only knows cars, he understands people and how emotional buying and selling a vehicle can be. He’s very caring and professional. I recommend Greg highly.
Deborah Cornils.

Greg has the patience of a saint! He spent enormous time and effort helping my husband and I in the process of buying a car, for our “one car family”.
Lea Zweier, Westlake

Greg helped me buy my Ford Focus a few years ago. It’s been a great car and Greg made the experience easy and unintimidating. He has lots of expertise and helped me understand what to look for to find a great used vehicle. He then patiently guided me through the experience of looking at different vehicles until we found the perfect match. I would definitely use him again in the future.
Serra Benson, Ojai

Greg sold our Honda Element to the first person that looked at it. I can only say to those interested in buying or selling your car, that Greg is the best, and fun to work with. This is our second car change with Greg and we couldn’t be happier.
Brian Berman, Sculptor – Ojai

“Greg really makes car buying a breeze. I just told him what I wanted and he did everything for me. Before I knew it, he was calling me up asking when I could pick up my new sweet ride. There were no inconveniences, haggling, none of it. Just in my driveway like a blessing (bam!). Thank you, Car Angel!”
Luke Armbruster – Berkley

Greg essentially understands how to turn the process around. We got a price far below what the dealer was asking. Brilliant!
Dr Robert Porter, Ojai

If you are in the market for used car, I highly recommend talking to Greg. I found a beautiful Lexus RX with very low miles in great condition for a bargain price. I would not have been able to find a car like that without his expert help. Thanks for an awesome car Greg!
Bankush Gulati, San Ramon

“I’ve been top-to-bottom impressed with Greg’s knowledge, willingness to explain what’s going on and best steps going forward. Obviously buying a car is a really big decision. If you’ve been thinking about working with Greg’s tutorials, I can add my personal and professional recommendation to the mix.”
Tyler Suchman – Digital Nomad

“Greg really knows what he is doing. This has been the most stress free car buying experience I ever had and I got way more for my money than I could ever have negotiated for on my own. Thanks, Greg. I will certainly be sending my friends and family on to you for their car need!  You have a client for life.”
Lorna Christensen – San Ramon

My wife and I are enjoying our two beautiful cars–lovely to look at in the driveway and great to be driving and riding in! Our gratitude is boundless. Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, and patience as you guided us through the car purchasing process this past week.
Paul Dennison, Founder – Brain Gym

It was truly a pleasure doing business with Greg. He really knows the ins and outs of car buying. By helping me understand the finer details, he made me very comfortable with my first car purchase. He gets my recommendation as an auto purchase consultant
Chris Jamison, Santa Barbara

“Thanks for all your hard work Greg! We got the Sante Fe of our choice; all the right options and the right color interior and exterior. Because of you, the dealer took very good care of us, all at a much better price than we could have negotiated ourselves or anticipated. Thank you.”
Phil and Barbara Joujon-Roche, Anaheim Hills

“Greg helped us find the ideal replacement car (a Prius), well within our budget and in wonderful condition. He is experienced, knowledgeable and professional. He is also intuitive — and enjoyable! We are so grateful!”
Chiobahn and Brian – Ventura

Loving our Subaru! Greg was clear, fast (but cautious), and well informed. He knows cars, their mechanics, and what their prices should be. He takes the laborious time out of shopping and researching cars. This is our third business transaction and I’m 100% we’ll be calling Greg again…
Carol Castanon, Ojai

“Wow, what a car angel you are! I can’t believe how perfect this car is and how we got such a nice car for such a low price. Thank you so much Greg!”
Cheryl Clearwater – Ojai

“I was able to see Greg’s expertise as both a buying and selling assistant and strongly recommend that anyone buying or selling a vehicle to utilize his services. In both transactions the savings I retained as a result of Greg’s advice was more than anything I had imagined.
Kai Earthsong – New York

“Greg made the experience effortless. I got a sweet deal on a low mileage car I always wanted.”
Steve Fox – Meiners Oaks

“Greg, you are indeed a car angel. What an incredible service you provide. I am sooo happy with my car. It is so… me!”
Eileen Donavon, Ojai

“Greg Macke is certainly a car angel. More than this though is his wonderful energy in making the whole process enjoyable. Thank you, Greg!”
Catherine Ann Jones – Meiners Oaks