Everyone knows about craigslist.org, but only a few of us have used the much more effective search tool named http://crazedlist.com/ on a daily basis. It was a sad day when I recently logged on and found the following message: “SORRY! crazedlist is down until further notice. It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s been real fun.”

Crazedlist, you see, was an incredible search tool that allowed a user to have all your criteria set and search as many cities as you wanted. Customising was easy to do as you could put the surrounding communities in your search list and viola! you would have at your fingertips exactly what you were looking for in multiple cities, all at once in very short order. It was craigslist on steroids.

For a professional car buyer it was a dream. A dream that unfortunately came to an abrupt end and the verdict is out exactly why it happened. The creator of crazedlist is Andrew Payne, and at the time of this writing he has not posted anything about the closure. Perhaps a cease and desist? For now it remains a mystery and we are left with woefully inferior sites like: http://searchtempest.com.

On the other hand if you are an avid car searcher like me, the site that goes by the name of Carsabi does a reasonable job http://carsabi.com

Good luck on your searches.

Your Car Angel

Greg Macke