The High Cost of a Low Quality Used Car

The high cost of a low quality used car is the result of people buying inferior cars that do not have the specific criteria of no accident, highway miles, dealer maintained, original owner, having all maintenance records and garage kept.

There are many car manufacturers out there and some do a better job than others with engineering and build quality. Some cars will last a very long time while others fall apart at the seams. A good place to see the history of this factory quality is by looking at my Halo and Pitchfork list. I also list the best and worst cars going back five years on this site.

However, that list will only provide you the “factory” quality of a car and does not take into account any previous ownership and the lack of care that that might entail. For instance, I see many high quality Lexus cars that have been driven without proper maintenance or that have been in an accident and shoddily repaired or cars that were driven purely in the city that I would no longer consider “high quality”. In other words a high quality car can turn into a low quality car in a very short period of time regardless of the brand. Unfortunately the majority of cars that are being sold fall into this category. My professional experience has proved to me that 90% of all cars being sold would be regarded as low quality and not recommended for purchasing. That’s right 9 out of 10 used cars, whether it is being sold by a dealer or private party are inferior.

As a side note I would add that, contrary to popular belief, most cars being sold on dealers lots are not trade-ins. The sad  truth is that most dealers get the bulk of their inventory from auctions and the sales staff know little if anything about the history of the car. Will they tell you that? Not likely.

That leaves a whole lot of bad product out there being sold by dealers and private party alike. But how do you know?

The first thing is to be able to screen out the bad quality factory cars and then screen out the cars that have been in an accident or have not been maintained properly (auction cars are in this higher risk category). The criteria that you are looking for is covered better in My 7 Trade Secrets Videos, but the point is, that if you stick with the criteria that I lay out, you will have a car that is faithful, reliable, safe and will last you for a very long time with no hidden surprises.

That is how I can buy hundreds of cars a year for my clients and never get burned. I have a process that has a very straightforward criteria that has taken me a lifetime to learn.

I want to share this knowledge with you and have it work for you in your next car purchase. My guidance is the most helpful tool that you can have in your toolbox. I provide the expert know-how in easy to follow steps on this website. We need many angels in this lifetime. Allow me to be your car angel.

Greg Macke

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